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    Does anyone know where or how to find information on a military grave/burial from between ww1 & ww2 ? I have someone who died 1922 in Baghdad Iraq. Cwgc seems to focus only on the two wars and not in the middle.

    Samuel Charles Boyd. Born 1883 died 28 July 1922 Baghdad Iraq. East Yorkshire regiment 1st battalion in ww1. Regimental number 7541 he moved to 4334042 east Yorkshire regiment 2nd battalion after ww1.

    I have a fair bit of information on him and details from his effects document but no idea where his grave might be. At a guess Baghdad Military cemetery?

    Does anyone know where to look for further information?
  2. Tricky Dicky

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    FMP (Find My Past) might be good as I believe they hold files for deaths overseas

    Also - is this him?
    British Army WWI Pension Records 1914-1920
    Name: Samuel Boyd
    Gender: Male
    Birth Date: abt 1883
    Birth Place: Cleator Moor, Cumberland
    Age: 31
    Document Year: 1914
    Regimental Number: 8600
    Regiment Name: Royal Artillery (Royal Horse Artillery and Royal Field Artillery)
    Form Title: Short Service Attestation
    Number of Images: 5
    Other Records: Search for 'Samuel Boyd' in other WWI collections
    Family Members:
    Name Relation to Soldier
    Samuel Boyd Self (Head)
    Margaret Wife

  3. terrac

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    No i'm afraid that's not him.

    I have details from Find my past and Ancestry. They do not give a clue as to where he is buried other than Baghdad. I believe the 2nd Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment were there in 1922 dealing with the Iraqi uprising.
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    I assume as its just a year outside CWGC remit its mod territory. This team at the Mod seem to deal with all war deaths since 1914 & although they may not search for you, may give you advice.
    MOD War Detectives – the Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre Commemorations team - who we are

    As you say he may have been buried in one of the CWGC Bagdad Military Cemeteries, and they do take responsibility for some non-world war burials in their cemeteries, maybe worth asking CWGC. I assume they have a list of those they are responsible for, but not listed on their website.
    CWGC in Iraq – our history and the future | CWGC Blog

    Historic collection of the East Yorkshire Regiment is now here:
    Home York Army Museum - York Army Museum
    Maybe there was a regimental news letter or similar that helps.
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    British Light Infantry Regiments & National Service
    2nd Battalion
    1919 India
    1920 Iraq 6 Div
    1922 Turkey Army of Occupation
    1923 England: Lichfield


    regimental collection, incl war diaries, papers, photographs and artefacts | The National Archives
    regimental collection, incl war diaries, papers, photographs and artefacts
    This record is held by Wilberforce House and Georgian Houses

    Description: regimental collection, incl war diaries, papers, photographs and artefacts
    Date: 19th cent-20th cent
    Held by: Wilberforce House and Georgian Houses, not available at The National Archives
    NRA catalogue reference: NRA 42327 East Yorks Regt
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    Hi terrace,
    Did you note on FMP service no 7541 is shown as Frank Boyd ?
    Birth year 1884
    Birth town Sheffield
    Regt Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)
    Attestation date 28 Nov 1899.

  7. Owen

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    That's because before 1920 the numbering system was Regimental.
    The same numbers would be duplicated throughout the army.
    In 1920 the Army Numbering system was introduced so each soldier had his own number.
  8. terrac

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    That's excellent advice thank you Travers I will give some of these sources a try.
  9. Robert-w

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    If he was Anglican the Anglican Church of Baghdad might well have been involved in his burial and have kept a record. The Canon reported directly to the Archbishop of Canterbury (the last one was ordered home in 2014 on his orders) and Lambeth Palace ought to have copies of the church records or at least know the whereabouts of such
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    CWCG came up trumps with this information. Thank you for the advice everyone.

    Rank Private
    Initials S
    Surname BOYD
    Unit 2nd Bn. Regiment East Yorkshire Regiment
    Service No. 4334042
    Age 40
    Date of Death 28 July 1922
    Commemoration MA'ASKER AL RASCHID R.A.F. CEMETERY Iraq Plot 3 Row C Grave 12
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  11. travers1940

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    Happy to know he has been found.
  12. Mr Jinks

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    The cemetery was previously known as Hinaidi RAF Peace Cemetery until 1961.


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