Best WW2-related places to visit in southern UK?

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    On your way to Dorset detour off the A303 and visit the Army Air Corps Museum at Middle Wallop to find out about the history of the Glider Pilot Regiment
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    Just a few minutes from the Tank Museum is the lovely church of St Nicholas Moreton which is well worth an hours visit. It is unique in being the only church with all engraved glass windows, designed by Lawrence Whistler (brother of Rex Whistler , the painter, who was killed with the Guards Armoured division in '44).
    Moreton Church Window.jpg
    The nearby graveyard also contains the grave of T E Lawrence
    T E Lawrence, Moreton small.jpg
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    If you do visit the grave of 'Lawrence of Arabia' remember that the graveyard is not next to the church but actually a short distance away. Both quite easy to find anyway.
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