Best Infantry of the War

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    WHAT DOES GOOGLE SAY ? Results 1 - 10 of about 507,000 for best infantry div in the world. (0.24 seconds)

    The 78th was formed specifically for Operation Torch </wiki/Operation_Torch> from regular British Army </wiki/British_Army> units, landing at Algiers </wiki/Algiers> in 1942. Thereafter it continued in Tunisia </wiki/Tunisia_Campaign>, gaining a formidable reputation, then through Sicily </wiki/Allied_invasion_of_Sicily>, up the length of Italy </wiki/Italian_Campaign_(World_War_II)>, arriving in Austria </wiki/Austria> for the end of the war. Units also saw action in Greece </wiki/Greece>, Palestine </wiki/Palestine>, and Egypt </wiki/Egypt>. Notable engagements include in Tunisia Longstop Hill, in Sicily the Battle of Centuripe and in Italy the assaults on the Viktor Line (Battle of Termoli) </wiki/Volturno_Line>, the Barbara Line </wiki/Barbara_Line> and the River Sangro (Gustav Line) </wiki/Winter_Line> as well as the Battle of Monte Cassino </wiki/Battle_of_Monte_Cassino>, the Gothic Line </wiki/Gothic_Line> and battle of Argenta gap </wiki/Spring_1945_offensive_in_Italy>.

    The 78 Div Flash on my Avatar (see left) came straight out of my Album and before that it sat on my epaulette.

    Ask any ex-army man which was the best Div and the answer will always be "My Div !"

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    "Ask any ex-army man which was the best Div and the answer will always be "My Div !"

    How true and probably a fair answer!!


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    Stumbled on this via another search,

    From a bloke most have heard of, Erwin Rommel. He knew a bit about Infantry warfare.

    "The Australian 9th Division, the finest Infantry Division I ever faced"

    From the 'Rommel Papers' I believe.


  4. Richard G

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    Not disagreeing but seeing that every time he faced the 9th he got beaten so perhaps Rommel was just making one of his many excuses ie I only got beaten because they were the best. But otherwise it would be unfair to all the rest who fought in NA to try to pick out a best, most of them fought with grit and determination and lots of them paid for their service with their lives. Can't do any more than that.

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