Bert Hardy Ardennes photographs - 6th Airborne Division

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    I came across some photographs I have not seen before of the 6th Airborne Division in the Ardennes in Gavin Birch's book The Wartime Jeep in British Service.

    There is very little photography of the 6th Airborne Division's involvement in the Ardennes offensive but there are photographs of the 1st (Airborne) Royal Uster Rifles in their snow suits and 9th Parachute Bn in Bande.

    The photographs of the Ulster rifles were taken on the 14th January 1945, I believe that they only just had their snow suits issued.

    These photographs were taken by Bert Hardy for Picture Post who may have taken photos of the 6th Airborne Division in the Transit camps in England before they emplaned for Operation Tonga.


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    Great photographs! I met one of the 1st Royal Ulster Rifles, who witnessed the photoshoot. He told me the white camouflage suits were handed out to one of the infantry platoons, who then started to parade in front of the camera's. Immediately after the photoshoot the suits had to be handed in.

    By Jan 14th, 1945 the 6th Airborne Division had already been pinched out of the battle by the advance of the 51st Highland Division on the left. Next day the Airborne Division started it's transfer from the Ardennes to the Meuse in Holland.
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    Complete photographs of 1st Bn Royal Ulster Rifles patrol taken by Bert Hardy


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