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Discussion in 'Postwar' started by debra, Nov 14, 2007.

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    You know, my girlfriend is from Munich. She was hesitant at first to talk about WW2. (She is 50 YOA.) After she opened up a little, she told me no one in her family speaks of WW2....and when she was a little girl, if she mentioned The War, she was told: "We don't talk about that."

    She did find out, though, she may have had a Jewish grandmother; her family was carted in and had to endure "breathing tests" to determine if there was any mixed heritage in the family. These "breathing tests" the family was told "proved" the grandmother was not Jewish. Apparently, Jewish people "breath differently." (Daft) Couldn't believe my ears! You know what though? She believes that proved she has no Jewish heritage!!

    Many families, of course, were fearful for not pledging their loyalty to Hitler, but.......I dunno....I get the sense they believed in him too---and not just the economic and glorifying...but actually would have followed him anywhere.

    Also, she states she would never go to Berlin "again." She states it is like pre-war days again......people who believe in Hitler and his beliefs. That the movement is getting stronger every day.

    If you have any questions, I can ask Johanna. Please post them or send me a private email.

    Ta deb
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    Also, she states she would never go to Berlin "again." She states it is like pre-war days again......

    my grandad did his army training with the royal irish ulsters in the english lake district and said it was the worst time of his life and never returned.

    even though he once travelled through normandy via a coach trip to the south of france and remembered a field were he was laid up for a few days under german attack.

    he halted the coach driver to stop and said that he neaded a toilet break...but he just wanted to look at the field were 20years ago he was taking cover.
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    God Bless your Grandad

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