Berlin 1936, Berlin 2006

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    Berlin 1936

    Source: HW
    Visitors flocking to the opening ceremony through the eastern gate of the olympic stadium in Berlin

    On 1 August 1936 Adolf Hitler opens the XIth Olympic Summer Games in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium. With a massive propaganda display the National Socialists attempt to improve their negative image for foreign visitors and the international press. For this purpose all indications of any persecution of Jews in Germany are banned from public life for the duration of the competition. Filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl produces two films, „Festival of Beauty“ and „Festival of the Peoples“, which document the games attended by three million and held in the Nazis’ typical bombastic style.

    Olympic Torch arrives at the Olympic Stadium. Photograph courtesy Getty Images


    Berlin 2006

    A Brazil fan is posing prior to the Brazil v Croatia Group F soccer match at the Olympic Stadium, Berlin, Germany, Tuesday, June 13, 2006.
    A Brazil fan is posing prior to the Brazil v Croatia Group F soccer match at the Olympic Stadium, Berlin, Germany, Tuesday, June 13, 2006. The other teams in Group F are Japan and Australia. (AP Photo/Jasper Juinen)
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    Not like the old days, eh?
    Wish I was there.
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    What a contrast!
    The world we live in now may be shallow, materialistic, hedonistic. But isn't it better to live now than in Berlin, 1936 style (or in Osama Bin-Laden's no-fun zone come to that)? Look what happens when people sell themselves to an ideal!
    The point is to not forget those who Sacrificed their Tomorrows for our Todays, and those who continue to defend those freedoms.
    Of course the world is not a perfect place; there is still plenty to be done to make it so; there is still room for heroism and sacrifice. But as Wilfred Owen wrote: "Foreheads of men have Bled where no wounds were".

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    Owen, I see we share similar tastes in Brazilian soccer fans.
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    Great pics Owen!! The stadium now is not that different from the original design and I defy anyone to stand in that arena with our interest of history and not be moved in some way.
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    Berlin Stadium 1945

    The 1936 Olympic Stadium. This was a rather moving visit for me, as I recalled listening to the radio broadcasts from the Olympics in 1936. We were all so proud of the Americans who made such a great showing at this event and I had all these thoughts fresh in my mind as I sat and looked out over this beautiful stadium. [M.C.S.]
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    A slightly alarming pair of pictures Owen.

    A German friend of mine has dozens of high quality pictures of the '36 olympics as her father was unofficial photographer in a Luftwaffe band, torchlit processions and all, every one illustrates the power of those intricately organised events. I'm sure one couldn't fail to be impressed at some level.

    (She also has some of Goering at Rhichtofen's grave, all eyes in the crowd are turned downwards except for one little girl actually looking at the reichsmarschall. Great shot.)
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    It really hasn't changed a lot. I agree though that it is better to live in Berlin now that it was in 1936 (or 1986 for that matter).
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    It's definately better in Berlin in 2006. Especially when the Swedes are there.

    Then again in 1936 these ones ain't bad.

    July, 1936 Dorothy Poynton Hill of LA center Cornelia Gillisen of New York, left, and Velma Dunn of LA finished in that order in the platform event at the Olympic tryouts at Astoria, Long Island, and will represent the US in the Berlin Olympic Games in August.

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