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  1. Roseway20

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    Bought this belt buckle at a market, but the centre I think is wrong has its the same as my dads old regiment. And a thistle at that. Might be an old cadets belt because of the size of the buckle .any thoughts

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  2. Tricky Dicky

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    Hmmm - the motto is Scottish - Nemo me impune lacessit - Wikipedia so why would it be in the middle of a West Kent Regiment belt buckle - the flower signifies the thistle

    Not sure they should be together in the same buckle

  3. chrisgrove

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    Very Odd! The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment has been Royal since its creation (from 50th and 97th) in 1881, though its exact official title changed several times, so what is this unroyal West Kent Regiment? Before 1881, the 50th, from 1782, were known as the 50th (West Kent) Regiment of Foot, but this belt does not look that old!
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  4. Roseway20

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    Yes it's on the royal scots fusiliers badges ,that's what caught my eye. And a couple of other scots regiments .
  5. redtop

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    Is it a male /female buckle,?if so it might be a composite made for two different buckles.
    Modern Stable belts are all made by the same manufacturer only the Regimental Badge on the center piece differing all parts interchangeable.
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