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    My grandfather (Arthur Reginald Price - on profile pic) was a commercial signwriter before WW2 and upon hostilities he signed up in 1940. 113th Durham Light Infantry.

    In 1944 he landed in France and he was moored off Juno beach during the storms immediately after D-Day finally being allowed to disembark on 17th June. The regt. then worked their way through France, Belgium, Holland and finally Germany. April 17th, two days after the british tank regt. the 113th Durham Light Infantry entered the Bergen Belsen, concentration camp. It was the first camp to be liberated by the western front troops. My grandfathers battery was tasked with recording and burying the dead. The other two batteries were assigned prisoners and hospital.

    Knowing my grandfather was a signwriter he was asked to produce signs for a film crew to document the horrific scenes (They had no sound recording) and, in addition, to mark the graves and to ensure troops were aware of the Typhus outbreak. He often produced the signs twice - once in English and once in German, all by hand.

    The main photo that marked the entrance to the site is very famous - he produced - again there was a matching one in German, which is rarely shown.

    I have many photos of the signs - most taken from quite small squared originals and something I'd never noticed before that the crafty so-and-so signed it. A small artists palette top right on the English version with two words and bottom right on the German version with one word. I cannot read the words are would dearly love to. So does anyone have a super sharp shot of the sign that was positioned on the main entrance?

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    Nick P, good luck with the search for a sharper shot of your grandfather's work.

    Please have a look at the thread here:

    Unknown location 30th Corps at German Barracks, Belsen?

    High Wood (Simon) may have a photo that shows your grandfathers "trademark" palette, and some of the following photos in the thread may contain a picture of your grandfather (maybe, hopefully).

    Again, good luck with your searching.

    Kind regards, always,

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  3. CL1

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    You could always contact the museum and tell them your story they might be able to assist you further
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    Thanks Jim - heading off there now...
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    We have pictures of the sign and the smaller ones that number the mass graves and how many are buried in each. However like yours they are small and from quite far back.

    Next time I have a look I’ll see if a magnifying glass will help.
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