Belgian Contingent - MEF - Detachment Du Moyen Orient, looking for info

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  1. AB64

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    I've just got a paybook to a soldier who served with this unit (it has several unit stamps) - looking for info on who they were and what they did, this soldier was born and enlisted in Cairo and had Belgian parents.

    Thanks in advance

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    There was a Belgian contingent that served with British forces in East Africa during the 1940-41 campaign. I am not sure if this was the the unit you mentioned. I think the East African one may have been from the Belgian Congo.
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    The man I'm researching didn't join up until 1943, so he wouldn't have seen action then, but not sure if they unit did or what they did after he joined - I'm not sure if its a bit of a coverall and men then went off to different assignments - google hasn't really been much help.



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