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  1. JCB

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    Yes all pics were captioned Polizei, pics 5 and 6 are sort of before and after , note it keeps the 'lucky' horseshoe as well.
  2. morrisc8

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    I know there good as i bought most of them. Bedford MWT ? has 42nd [East Lance] Infantry Div sign on it, were they at Dunkirk? and it is a police unit Pol Bedford Pol 49554 and the bike 49553, There is a british toolbox on the table were they are putting new glass windscreen in. i hope they will be in our club MVT mag windscreen.
  3. JCB

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    Well done Keith :) pics have a 1940 France feel to me but I don't know for sure .
  4. morrisc8

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    Yes they were taken in 1940 the bedford still has part of its L number on the door L178--4 , you can see the 4 in the other photo that i have, still has british cammo paint on and number so not long been captured.

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  6. JCB

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    Is this Calais ? there appear to be three naval type guns on the fortress wall in background , are these the coastal defence guns I've read about but not seen pic of .
    On vehicle front is that a Foden 6 tonner in foreground ? impressed flat in background together with inevitable Bedford OY ( early with twin wheels) and a 15cwt Guy .
  7. morrisc8

    morrisc8 Under the Bed

    Here is a large collection of captured british vehicles used by a Luftwaffe unit with some german staff cars [ Mercedes-Benz ] as well and a pre war humber staff car [split screen], one of the british trucks still has the aos number on it 32. British trucks
    that you can see are Morris, Bedford, Ford WOT, Austin, Commer ? Bren carrier.
    you can see that the LW numbers on british vehicles have been hand painted on. Photo was taken in the Dunkirk area, i wonder if that is a school in the background or a farm.

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  8. Rich Payne

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    The AoS looks like '37' to me, on a vertically split background. That fits with the GHQ bar under and would indicate 1 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery, RA.

    The building does have an 'institutional' look to it. I'd suspect the home farm of a large convent or similar.
  9. morrisc8

    morrisc8 Under the Bed

    Close up of the number 37 or 32.

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  10. lesfreathy

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    certainly not a Foden JCB its got me puzzled as it has all the trade marks of a 6 ton truck but then looks to be a impressed vehicle the cab has a pre war Albion look about it pity its not a bit sharper
  11. May1940

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    certainly not a Foden JCB its got me puzzled as it has all the trade marks of a 6 ton truck but then looks to be a impressed vehicle the cab has a pre war Albion look about it pity its not a bit sharper


    Here is a closer image. Any help?


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  12. JCB

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    Atkinson maybe , assuming its not French !
  13. JCB

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    Nice pics of a Scammell Pioneer and Howitzer , shame can't read sign on building , might give location.
    The German truck seems to be a recovery crew ( already collected a few motorcycles ) with strangely a large Mickey Mouse on their radiator !
    On ebayD.

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  14. drongen

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    this in the village of Westoutre, there are more pictures of these guns and scammels around

  15. JCB

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    Thanks Peter , with wonder of google earth can see not much change on this corner of Westeroutre. The Scammell standing where the shrubbery and bar tables are now in front of Sint Hubertus, and also found a liberation picture.

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  16. JCB

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    Some very typical BEF BEF Bedfords-

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  17. Mike02

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    Hi there,

    The picture I have attached is of my Grandfathers brother, Pte James Gregson 3849474, 39 Coy as part of the BEF 1940. The picture shows him on left (without head dress) assisting a German pilot along with a Grenadier Guard (I have blown up his shoulder flashes) out of a vehicle. The original photo, that I have, has the following written on back;

    "Picture of a German Pilot brought down between Neushatel and St, Marlow Bushoy. Photo taken in France. Rouen Headquarters".

    I realise there may be spelling mistakes as I cant find some of the locations. I have found Bushy which sits NE of Rouen and I believe it was an important railway hub for munitions etc...

    I have checked his number and it seems to be Loyal North Lancs? This seems plausible as he was from Preston and his Father was in the Loyals (Fulwood Barracks being in Preston were he lived).

    However, what I would like to know is; what is 39 Coy? Also, the photo appears in the book "Forgotten Voices of Dunkirk" and states the picture is of the Border regiment. This cant be correct due to what is on the back of my photo and the shoulder flash of the Grenadier.

    Also, can anyone suggest the make and model of the two vehicles?


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  18. rewdco

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    Hello Mike,

    Welcome to this forum!

    Nice picture! Can't help you with the 39 Coy I'm afraid... (but I'm sure that somebody from this parish will be able to tell you more...).

    The cars are Ford Prefect (left) and Morris 8 Series E (right).

  19. JCB

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    Hi Mike
    This is quite a well known IWM photo , nice to have some personal detail . Think the car at back is actually an Austin 12 , the Morris Eight right foreground bears the arm of service number 37 which translates to - 186 Transportation Construction Company RE . This would sort of tie in with your statement Bushy being an important railway hub for munitions .
    Coincidentally posted the same pic recently in the thread - BEF 'Army Troops' Vehicle Arm of Service Markings (and others)
  20. chrisgrove

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    According to Andrew's excellent book, the AoS of 37 on the Morris indicates 186 Transportation Construction Company RE (an LofC unit as shown by the double white line above the number). I always thought that 'transportation' was a lengthy American synonym for 'transport'! However, I cannot place a 39 coy of any description.


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