BEF Vehicle Arm of Service Markings (GHQ and others)

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  1. researchingreg

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    Are there any photos of abandoned Austin K2 Ambulances with the number 94 in the Dunkirk area? Many were abandoned near the Quay area according to the RASC 6th MAC War Diaries
  2. Rich Payne

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    I haven't got any. No.1 MAC appear from time to time. Are you sure about them having used K2s ? My impression from photos is that Morris-Commercials were more common in 1940 (either four- or six-wheeled versions).
  3. researchingreg

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    I think as this was a newly formed unit and the ambulances were Austin mainly delivered in December 1939 that they were the new moel of Austin K2's. But the war diaries only say new Austin 4 wheeler Ambulances
  4. Rich Payne

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    Not a GHQ marking, but one of the interesting Royal Artillery tactical markings - The 'TLB' of B Troop Leader. The arm of service serial '4' indicates a Field Regt. in an infantry division. I'm not sure that I can see a formation sign - maybe a hint of a white triangle from 1st Division. If it is, then this would be from 19 Field Regt.

    Bedford AoS 4 TLB.jpg
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  5. chrisgrove

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    I would point out that the 4 on a light coloured circular plate is more likely to be a bridging plate than an AoS marking. 18pdr or 18/25 pdr in the field behind.
  6. Rich Payne

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    Chris, purely by chance, the Arm of Service serial is also '4' - on the square plate on the nearside. Although documented, it's quite unusual to see a bridging plate on a BEF vehicle. Certainly worth drawing attention to.
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    It has been interesting reading all the chat about BEF AOS - can anyone help me with an AOS query for late 1940
    The BEF are back in blighty and the Country are expecting us to be invaded. In July Colonel Gubbins formed Auxiliary Units, the secret resistance organisation under Home Forces. GHQ Aux vehicles carried the AOS 490
    Was 490 unique to Auxiliary Units? White letters on a red background on a white bar.

    red 490 smallest.JPG Home Forces Insignia.JPG
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    AOS 14 on the back 32 Army Field Regiment RA ? of a morris CDSW photo from my collection.
    1940 bef morris 14.jpg
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