BEF Movement and Maintenance.

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    This has some good info, The Army Medical Services Vol 1 Campaigns. by F.A.E Crew. Printed 1956 HMSO.
    The little red books are, War Office series , Second World War 1939-1945
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    I am amazed at the detail that has been reproduced here.

    After Dunkirk in 1940 a number of British former civilian buses were captured by the Germans and photos of them are elsewhere on this site - including one vehicle which ended up with the Luftwaffe in Germany.

    I am assuming that these vehicles were requistioned before the introduction of the Impressment scheme which selected civilian vehicles for military use by the Motor Coach Companies of the RASC. Is there any information on these vehicles, and their careers?
    (The MCC vehicles of the RASC were eventually replaced by 4x4 trucks which were then converted to Troop Carrying Companies who then had an off-road capability which coaches could not offer. These coaches were then sold off or returned.) From photographic evidence there were coaches from the BEF abandoned.

    I have to say that the RASC's Vehicle Census Branch was supposed to have collated excellent records which linked the former civilian identities of vehicles to their military identities which were recorded on Army Form W4003. Sadly to date I have been unable to locate any of these records.
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    Photos from my collection.
    BEF bus 1940.jpg dunkirk bus on road (2021_02_08 15_29_23 UTC).jpg
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    The vehicle in the ditch is an ex Maidstone & District vehicle - I can tell by the destination screen layout....the other I am not so sure...

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