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    On the 8th June 1944 pilot Claudine Echallier 33yrs and engineer Edwin Royston Staniford were delivering a Beaufighter plane from I think Prestwick, Ayrshire to I suspect an airfield on the Solway (Probably Cumbria) Unfortunately due to poor weather they hit the outer boundary wall of the Mull of Galloway Lighthouse, bounced hit the roof of what is now the RSPB centre and then into the sea. Both were killed.

    I have managed to get copies of the death certificates but really that is all.

    The reason for my interest is that I manage the Mull of Galloway Experience Mull of Galloway run by the South Rhins Community Development Trust, a registered charity of which I am a voluntary Director.

    We as a Trust wish to put a remembrance plaque at the site of the crash and would dearly like pictures of the two men and any other information that would be useful. It would be good to let the surving relstives know what we plan to do.

    The two were serving in the Air Transport Auxillary Service out of Prestwick Ayrshire. From the death certificate I found an address in Prestwick for Claudine, but enquiries at that address failed to provide any information and I suspect these were lodgings as against a home address. I did however leave a copy of the certificates at the RAFA club in Prestwick along with my details in case any of the older members knew of had information about them. There is an address for Edwin Royston Staniford that being 402 High Road, Streatham, London SW16. I have not made any enquiries at this address.
    I have also contacted by e mail Eric Viles of the ATA Assoc and I am awaiting a reply from him.
    Can anyone help me in my quest for information?
    Steve Hardy
    Mull of Galloway, Drummore, Stranraer
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    Hi Steve

    I can't help with photos or leads to contact with relatives, but note that Air MInistry CasCom 396 gives Echallier's first name as Claudius rather than Claudine:

    Air Transport Auxiliary
    First Officer CLAUDIUS ECHALLIER, A.T.A., and Senior Flight Engineer ROYSTON EDWIN STANIFORD, A.T.A., killed whilst flying His Majesty's aircraft in Scotland.

    The aircraft by the way was Beaufighter T.F.X serial No. NV235.

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    Hi Steve

    Don't know whether this is of any use.

    Name: STANIFORD, Edwin R

    Registration district: [?] Newport Pagnell

    County: Buckinghamshire

    Year of registration: 1913

    Quarter of registration: Jan-Feb-Mar

    Mother's maiden name: Grant

    Name: ECHALLIER, Claudius

    Registration district: [?] Newton (Le Willows)

    County: Lancashire

    Year of registration: 1940

    Quarter of registration: Jul-Aug-Sep

    Spouse's last name Glibert


    Name: GLIBERT, Lucienne

    Registration district: Newton (le Willows)

    County: Lancashire

    Year of registration: 1940

    Quarter of registration: Jul-Aug-Sep

    Spouse's last name: Echallier

    The Echalliers were obviously French and that's probablky where their descendents are located.

    Good luck with your project


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    Many many thanks for the information. Every little helps to paint a picture of the men and their story for the plaque we wish to erect and the information that we shall provide in the exhibition.
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    Brilliant, many thanks getting plenty to work on.
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  7. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    Staniford Royston Edwin Flt/Eng UK 08/06/1944 Glasgow 4 FPP NV235 Beaufighter X flew into high ground in bad visibility nr Mull of Galloway lighthouse.

    Echallier Claudius F/O UK 08/06/1944 Brookwood 4 FPP NV235 Beaufighter X flew into high ground in bad visibility nr Mull of Galloway lighthouse

    A.T.A. CasualtiesX
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    Are you still interested by a picture of Claudius Echallier ?

    If yes, please, contact me out of the board :
    Best regards

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    Did anyone get the photo of Claudius Echallier from Frederic above? I have emailed him on the above address without a reply. I am researching ATA pilots at the moment and any background on these chaps would be welcome.

    I would be interested in any news on how the memorial is progressing.

    Many thanks,

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