Beach Group Equipment. What are they?

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    Telephone D.

    telephone D.jpg
    For speech and Morse.

    Cable laying apparatus.
    This impressive description is of a simple frame with a carrying handle to take a small cable drum. The most common was the Equipment, Cable Laying, Mk2. I have not found a photo of this but there are many photos of similar US and German apparatus.

    cable layer.JPG
    US Army cable laying apparatus.

    If anyone has a picture of the British apparatus please share it. (See Post 25).


    I have changed the photo of the telephone. Trackfrower hinted that I had posted Telephone L instead of Telephone D. Correct now ( I hope).
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    Signal flags.

    Signal flags.jpg
    No coloured photo has been found but the trade badge shows the essentials.
    The flags were two foot square. Originally it was not intended that both should be used at the same time. The blue flag was for use against a light background and the white with blue horizontal stripe for use against a dark background. Using two flags of this size would be hard work but it seems to have been done on occasion.

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    For provosts and regimental police.
    There was more than one make but all virtually indistinguishable from each other.

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    Some common tools.

    Shovel GS.jpg
    Shovels GS. The left hand one is a Canadian version.



    Saw in wooden carrying case.

    Ball hammer, wire cutters.jpg
    Ball hammer.
    Wire cutters.
    Adjustable spanner.

    Machete and scabbard.

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    I have received some excellent images from Danny. I post the following.

    4  Apparatus, Cable Laying, No.2.jpg
    A simple wooden frame with sockets to hold the spindle of a small cable drum.

    3 orig and  text.jpg

    Any one else with interesting items is welcome to add them.

    In fact they need not be particularly interesting and you are more than welcome.
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    Medical pannier.


    pannier open.jpg

    Basically a wicker basket with leather lining and canvas cover. The interior is divided into compartments for medical supplies and equipment including:

    Instruments in a roll and

    tablet tin.jpg
    a tin of tablets.

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    Open and folded.
    Sturdy wooden sides with shaped carrying handles. Metal rests underneath to keep the stretcher off the ground or fit the runners in ambulances. Canvas bed. Can be carried by two or four men (I suppose by three if desired).

    stretcher 2.jpg
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