Beach Group Equipment. What are they?

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    Some years ago I obtained the War Diaries for the beach units landing on Sword Beach and a list of equipment carried in the individual vehicles and handcarts (from Danny). The list below is one that I have made from the many pages of the vehicle and handcart loads. Some items are obvious and well known, some I have found but many remain.

    I thought it would be interesting, and while away the dark winter days, to try and identify the various items and see if photos or diagrams etc can be found. I imagine that the same items would be carried by most battalion sized units.

    Anyone is welcome to join in.


    Cooking equipment.
    Portable cooker No 1. Large petrol cooker.
    Portable cooker No 2. Small petrol cooker for detachments, vehicle crews etc.
    Cooking stands. For Cooker No 1.
    Cooking stand ends. For Cooker No1.
    Baffle plate. To control Cooker No 1.
    Levers. To control baffle plate.
    Frying pan.
    Camp kettle.
    Large mincing machine.
    Spring balance.
    6 gallon containers. For cooking, transporting and serving food.
    6 gallon insulators. For keeping food warm.
    1½ gallon containers. For food.
    2 gallon water container.
    Set cooks equipment.
    Cooks ladle.
    Butchers holdall. With butchering implements.

    Anti Gas.
    Hand operated siren.
    7lb tins bleaching powder.
    2 pint tins khaki anti gas paint. Vehicle paint.
    4oz tins anti gas detection paint. For boards etc. Turns red when contacted with gas.
    Anti gas jacket. Impervious items for decontamination personnel.
    Anti gas trousers. Impervious items for decontamination personnel.
    Light anti gas jacket. Impervious items for decontamination personnel.
    Light anti gas trousers. Impervious items for decontamination personnel.
    Pair light anti gas gloves. Impervious items for decontamination personnel.
    Pair anti gas rubber gloves. Impervious items for decontamination personnel.
    Pair anti gas over gloves. Impervious items for decontamination personnel.
    Anti gas capes. Double as waterproof capes.
    Overboots anti gas.
    Reserve respirators. Gas masks.
    Container for reserve respirators.
    Facepiece disinfectant cloths.
    Defogging cloths for eyeshields.
    Pack of 6 eyeshields.
    Tins anti gas ointment. Contains eight tubes. For use on exposed areas of face.
    Anti gas ground detectors. Paper squares which turn red on contact with gas.
    Anti gas sleeve detectors. Arm bands which turn red on contact with gas.
    Gas detector boards. Wooden board on a pole. Detects gas spray in the air.
    Gas proof paper sack. Protect documents etc from contamination by gas.
    Rattle. For gas warning.

    Anti gas clothing was either oilcloth or rubberised.
    In addition all uniform items were impregnated with anti gas material.

    .303 CP. Cordite charge.
    .303 BP. Incendiary. For AA use in Bren.
    .303 tracer. For AA use in Bren.
    9mm. For Parabellum automatic pistol.
    2” mortar HE.
    2” mortar illuminating.
    2” mortar green.
    2” mortar red.
    2” mortar smoke.Grenade No 36. Standard segmented fragmentation grenade. Mills bomb.
    Grenade No 65. Signal grenade
    Grenade No 69. A light impact grenade.
    Grenade No74. ‘Sticky’ anti tank grenade.
    Grenade No 75. Hawkins AT grenade/mine.
    Grenade No 77. White phosphorous grenade for signalling or smoke.
    PIAT bomb.
    Bangalore torpedo.
    Detonators in tins.
    40 foot safety fuse in tins.
    Striking caps in tins.
    Tins of 10 primers.
    green signal cartridge. For signal pistol.
    red signal cartridge. For signal pistol.
    Illuminating signal cartridge. For signal pistol.

    Shovel GS.
    Shovel RE. Spade.
    Felling axe. Long handled axe.
    Hand axe.
    Bill hook. For cutting small branches etc.
    Nails in 1lb bags. Assorted sizes.
    Maul. Long handled hammer for fencing.
    7lb hammer.
    Boring and jumping bar. For making a circular hole in wood by widening a previously drilled hole.
    Pair pliers.
    Tenon saw.
    Folding saw
    Cross cut saw.
    Spirit level FS.
    Spirit level 3’
    Carpenters bench. For sawing.
    Carpenters chests.
    Bags carpenters tools.
    Long brace. For drill bit.
    Pots of glue.
    Bag bricklayer and masons tools.
    Shoemakers bag.
    Equipment repair toolchest.
    Measuring rod.
    Brazing lamp.

    Signal pistol case.
    Wire cutter frog.
    Wire plier frogs.
    Helmet chin strap.
    Sten gun slings.
    Helmet camouflage net.
    Camouflage face veils.
    Camouflage net 14’ X 14’.
    Camouflage net 24’ X 24’.
    Garnishing, dark brown.
    Garnishing, green.
    Hurricane lamps.
    First aid box.
    Polish No 3 mine detector.
    PIAT springs.
    Bren tripods.
    Mineral jelly.
    Fire extinguisher.
    Waterproof cover 10’ X 6’.
    Metal plaques.
    Metal plaque stands.
    Stencil outfit.
    Adhesive tape.
    112 yards flannelette.
    Tracing tape.
    Electric lamp
    Spare electric lamp batteries.
    Spare electric lamp bulbs.
    Spare socks.
    Bicycle spares.
    Picketing posts.
    Railway hand lamp.
    Coil twine.
    Coil 1” cordage.
    Coil 1½” cordage.
    Loud Hailer.
    Loud hailer battery.
    10 X pairs overboots anti gas.
    Sack of burial sticks.
    Bin, FAMTO. (First Aid MT Outfit).
    Carrier FAMTO.
    MT stores box.
    Rifle spares.
    Bren spares.
    2” mortar spares.
    Armourers tool box.
    Box, field stationery,
    Drums camouflage paint.
    Paraffin containers.
    Waterproofing material.
    Comforts pannier.
    Medical pannier.
    Electric lamp No4.
    Box, AEL 1398 kit.
    Intelligence box.
    Staff pointers.

    Cable layer apparatus.
    Stick, crook, jointed.
    Boxes, primary battery.
    Small cable drums.
    Large cable drum.
    Spare cable reel, empty.
    Spare antennae rods.
    Telephones D MkV.
    Barrow, drum WD MkII.
    Satchels, No 38 set.
    Wireless stations No 18.
    Signals office equipment.
    Signal flags.
    Spare poles for signal flags.
    Signal poles.
    8 foot aerial.
    Ladder, field telephone.
    Stands, lamp or heliograph.
    Earth pipes.
    Poles, 17 foot, wood.
    Terminal strip.
    Aerial rod case.

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    Lamp or heliograph stand.

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    No1 burner france 1939.jpg
    No 1 Cooker with all fittings and a good range of cooking utensils.
    Hydra petrol pressure burner at left. This blasts an impressive flame through the stands.
    4 stands seem to be in use with an extra one on its side at the right and another upside down in right foreground.
    3 six gallon containers and a two gallon water container on the stands. Two more water containers to the rear.
    This set has a foot pump to maintain pressure.

    Hydra No 1 cooker.jpg
    No 1 Cooker 40 years later. They were usually dug into a trench. This one has the more usual hand pump.

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    Mind your eyebrows lighting a No 1 Burner!
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    Cooker No2.jpg
    Cooker No2 set up for action.

    Cooker No2 packed for transit with partner cooking container.

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    How many 3 ton trucks were needed to carry all that stuff?

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    Mainly airborne carts. A lot of them. If anyone is interested I could post a complete list of vehicles and carts, with loads. On a new thread perhaps. I thought it rather specialised though.

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    Yes, please, Mike, looking forward.

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    OK Wolfgang. I know how much you enjoy such minute detail.

    I have recently been painting some nice 54mm Napoleonic Bavarian troops using the book and illustrations you kindly sent some time ago. A cavalry officer, an infantryman and a drummer.

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    Imperial typewriter.

    The office equipment at unit level was limited to the typewriter and the rotary copier. If only a small number of copies of a document were required the typewriter with sheets of carbon paper between sheets of plain paper could make five or six. For larger numbers, up to about a thousand, the rotary duplicator could be used. For this a master stencil had to be typed on the typewriter. This was then fastened onto the drum of the duplicator. When the handle was turned the stencil was inked and paper fed through the machine.

    Gestetner duplicator.
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    Salter's 100lb Spring Balance.
    A hook is fitted at the top so that it can be suspended from a convenient, and strong, point. A hook suspended from the bottom allows items to be attached for weighing.

    Useful for weighing a side of beef but they will not see one of those for some time after D Day.

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