Be warned, there's some nasties out there !

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Ron Goldstein, Feb 27, 2009.

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    my anti virus bitdefender picked up the same type of email and blocked them
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    Naturally it is the most popular desktop & phone operating systems which attract the most interest from those criminally minded people that 'want a piece of you'.

    Although we keep being told not to open emails from unknown sources, we sometimes make mental connections and think it may be genuine. On Windows systems, I saw a lot of emails with MS office attachments containing malicious code. When still working in a part time IT support role, I brought one of these examples home, opened it on my Linux system, and worked out what it was doing. From the malicious code inside the attached Word or Excel document, it basically ran a simple script and created a second program on the computers hard drive, which then set up a pipe to send the users email contacts to a remote server. The new owner of your address book would then send dodgy emails to all your contacts. This was quite common 5 years ago, so may be more sophisticated by now.

    If you simply MUST open unrecognised emails, please select Plain Text Mode first, and don't open any attachments.

    One of the other common traps is when you open a website, while allowing scripts to run. A script may then simply cause your browser to launch a fake page each time it starts; this happened on my wife's phone a year or so ago, and the fake screen wanted to 'fix a virus' ...all she had to do was click on the OK button, which would have been a very, very bad idea.

    For most people, using Firefox with the NoScript plugin running is a pain in the neck. But if you really want to stay safe, its still one of the best ways to do it.

    Me? ...well all my laptops run Linux, so my risk of contracting an operating system boggy-man is extremely small. I also run NoScript on Firefox and don't even allow any Facebook scripts to run (I have Facebook contained inside a Single Site Browser, so it can't see what I view on my regular browser). But really, life shouldn't be this complicated.
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    Still the biggest IT security risk is the human at the keyboard. Not long ago a girl in the office decided that it would be OK to open the attachment that her boyfriend sent her, because he was suspicious of it! This was barely 24 hours after I handed out written instructions about how to deal with such emails and attachments. Had she not been the owner's daughter she would have been out of the door 'toutes suite'.
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    This is what we use to [rather unkindly] refer to by saying 'the problem is the loose nut attached to the keyboard'.

    You could even say this to the person concerned, as long as you pretended to tighten something on the back of the keyboard.
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    Conned out of £400,000, then 'failed' by police

    "Conned out of my life savings, then 'failed' by police"

    With: "You can hear more about Cynthia and Rachel's story on "Anatomy of a Fraud" on Radio 4 at 8pm, Tuesday 12 November."


    "Cynthia Tuck was married to her husband George for 39 years"


    George Tuck was left for dead during the battle of Monte Cassino in World War Two, but recovered to have a successful career as a civil engineer
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    Had an e mail yesterday purporting to be from the Tax Office asking me to fill in a form on line so they could put my tax rebate in the bank! Very official looking. However the Revenue never work like this. Never even opened it just junked it from the previewer but there's many who would be taken in.
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    I've now had another very official looking e-mail about a tax rebate - funny it's a different sum! plus another offering the self employed grant. They do say that plagues encourage vermin.
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    During the last few weeks my phone has been bombarded with someone purporting to be from AMAZON and telling me to "Press 1" to discuss a matter.

    DONT !

    This is yet another nasty scam

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    You are right Ron, a lot of nasty people out there who will take advantage of any situation, including Coronavirus and Test & Trace. I have am involved with the local Neighbourhood Watch and have attached a couple of documents that may be of interest to some.

    One of the big dangers is clicking links in emails and other documents, sometimes by accident. PDFs are a universal way of sending documents (like my attachments!) - did you know that you can set your Adobe reader to 'Protected View'?

    To quote their website "For additional security and to avoid potential security risks associated with files that may have originated from unsafe locations, use the Protected View mode. In the Protected View mode, most features are disabled. You can view the PDF, but not do much else."

    To get instructions, open your Adobe Acrobat Reader, Choose Help > Acrobat Reader Help and enter Protected View in the search box.

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