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Discussion in 'The Third Reich' started by Minnesota 3, Aug 13, 2019.

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    Why do you need to know the nationality of the females in the picture?

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    Is that a genuine ww2 era photo ? To me their hairstyles look more 60s .
    BTW Norway is a Scandinavian country.
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    Aside from the confusing options, why is there even a poll?
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    thanks for your replies. The reason I was asking what their nationality is was because this picture came from a Lebensborn article. Even though most of the woman were german some were of different nationalities. They could be german as they have the badge or symbol in the middle of their shirts. The picture did not have a description of what it is about. What era do you think the picture was in ?. It could be an actual photo taken at the time or maybe it is from a film. It is hard to see if it was taken during the war itself.
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    BDM/League of German Girls were required to have German parents.
    The picture looks suspiciously like something from 'Blitzmadels An Die Front' (1958), though they are wearing BDM insignia, which they are not in that famous dreary boob inspection picture that is so often cited as real.
    (That dreary still from it, before anyone else uses it - 1398357538887.jpg )

    There seems to be a layer of postwar films along these lines, and the original pic looks like one of them, though I've seen nothing serious referring to it yet.


    1960. Original & dodgy English DVD version (Of the above?... Many other sexploitation sort of posters/renames out there)
    Seems a likely candidate.
    Nazi Lebensborn Film Brochure + DVD
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    Yeah, it's from the 60s - Lebensborn/Ordered To Love/Fiances de Hitler etc. etc. etc.

    Lebensborn film.jpg

    Really bored? Google nationality of actresses.

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    thanks von poop for your stunning research and everyone else who found out information I didn't know. where did you get all the films from ? some of the girls have 60s haircuts but you are right. It is unfortunate that it is not a ww2 picture but at least it potrays them accurately such as tall, blonde and athletic.
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    Bit weird.

    They were German girls of a certain age & 'approved race'.
    No other criteria.

    As an addendum, if you mean the Lebensborn programme; I had an aunt, Gisela, that was married within the scheme.
    She was small & dark.
    Don't fall for silly-bugger Goebbels's nonsense 75 years after he died...
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    I was just wondering is ordered to life and lebensborn the same film ? you are right about goebbels. He did not look aryan at all. He didn't have blonde hair and blue eyes so I don't know how he can say that he is aryan himself.
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    Merged threads & deleted the pointless polls.
    If you have a question just put it in your post .
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    I reckon she is from one of the older groups in the bdm.
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    Does anyone know what group she is from. I found it on some old footage. colorized-image.jpg
    Screenshot_20190621-090409_Samsung Internet.jpg
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    You asked this question with the same image last month.
    Bdm girls

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    BDM. headed by Baldur von Schirach,the Reich Youth Leader who also had responsibility for the Hitler Youth ....the female equivalent of the Hitler Youth with two age groups,the Jungmadel made up of young girls 10 to 14 years of age and older girls from 15 to 21 years of age.

    Of the organisation there were 125 000 leaders and a 2 million membership by 1936.

    The girls were constantly reminded that their role was as "Carriers of the National Socialist Weltanschauung"....."the Nazi world view".On parade, the uniform was navy blue skirts,white blouses,brown jackets with the hair configured as twin pigtails.They were expected to be dedicated to comradeship,service and physical fitness for motherhood.When reaching 17 years they were then eligible for membership of the Glaube und Schonheit organisation...the Faith and Beauty organisation which gave training in domestic science and preparation for marriage.

    Overall, Hitlers view on the role of females in the Third Reich of "Kinder, Kirche and Kucke" ..."a woman's place is in the home" was a popular cry when Hitler assumed power.Although the Third Reich created many woman's organisations,these were regarded as auxiliaries and were ranked below male organisations by the party hierarchy from top to bottom. of Himmler's efforts to transform the German nation into a superrace through selective breeding where he stressed that it was the duty of German women to raise racially sound children.Those in the BDM who were subject to selection were encouraged to become pregnant by SS men who were regarded as racially and politically desirable.Himmler extended his project by kidnapping children who had Aryan features from the occupied countries and placing them with racially trustworthy German families as adopted children.It has been estimated that several hundred thousand children were so removed from their families in occupied territory in order to deliver the programme

    As an aside, Goring as the self appointed Reich Hunting Master had a gigantic project with a plan to breed super cattle at a special centre,may have been in Eastern Europe.There was a documentary some time ago covering his cattle breeding theory..
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