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    SAS: Rogue Warriors BBC 2

    Can watch the three episodes on iplayer

    Though a good series and said to show footage never seen before, not sure if they are speaking about the interviews by Television South back in 1987, this is a bit of rehash of what most of us have probably seen.

    Though a good series, especially the third episode, high production value but a little light on info when there is a wealth of stories. You never hear about SAS's time on mainland Italy and dash through Gernany.
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    I fully admit that beyond the basics, I don't know much about SAS Originals. So, when I saw today that Pts 1 & 2 were currently available on BCC, I decided I'd watch and learn something new.

    All that driving around in lorries and jeeps, Macintyre's presentation style, rather distracted me. I found myself repeatedly wondering why we didn't hear more about the men themselves. All those very short clips left me wanting to hear the original interviews instead.

    From the interview with his nephew, I did learn that Stirling was dyslexic.
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    Not bad but spoiled by too much melodramatic music. I also have some difficulty with Macintyre’s use of the word ‘Nazi’, eg ‘attacks on the Nazi airfield’. This is not only inaccurate - should be ‘German’ or ‘Luftwaffe’ - but didn’t do much for the programme’s substance. Harrumph.
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