BBC Radio 4 Drama - The Vital Spark

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    Currently (5th January 2018) on the BBC Iplayer...

    BBC Radio 4 - Drama, The Vital Spark: Intelligence

    The Vital Spark:

    Intelligence Drama by Sarah Wooley During the Second World War, the young Muriel Spark worked in the British 'Black Propaganda' Department of MI6. Her job was to produce what she called 'a tangled mixture of damaging lies, flattering and plausible truths'.

    Role Contributor
    Muriel Spark Jessica Hardwick
    Sefton Delmer Stuart McQuarrie
    Marcelle Lucianne McEvoy
    Nurse Lucianne McEvoy
    Erich Finn den Hertog
    Officer Finn den Hertog
    Betty Francesca Dymond
    Crips Robin Laing
    Hans Robin Laing
    Engineer Robin Laing
    Producer Gaynor Macfarlane
    Writer Sarah Wooley
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    Lot of interest in Muriel Spark and her wartime job recently.

    The MI6 link keeps being repeated but she was actually employed by Political Warfare Executive (which used the cover name of 'Political Intelligence Department of the Foreign Office' - still causing confusion 75 years later, as a good cover name is supposed to do).
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