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Discussion in 'General' started by TTH, Dec 29, 2016.

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    As some of you are no doubt aware, was for years an excellent resource for the details of infantry unit and sub-unit organization for WWII armies. Unfortunately, the site appears to have vanished some time in the past year. A few of the TOEs on the site appear to have been preserved in snapshots, but only a few of them. I am looking to find as many as I can, especially those for British, Commonwealth, and United States forces. If anyone has an clues or a big cache of salvaged info from the site I would very grateful.

    Thanks, TTH
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  3. TTH

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    Thanks, Wayback Machine seems to work.
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    I'm fairly sure I read on another forum that the site owner intends to have the site up and running again at some stage -- I just can't recall when or where I read it.
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    Yes, I am planning to get it back up and running, but at present 'real life' isn't affording me the opportunity to do so; it takes a good few hours at the keyboard which I currently don't have.

    Fingers crossed it'll be up again later this year, in the meantime the Wayback Machine seems to have most things.

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