Battle of the Bulge photos: Mail online

Discussion in 'NW Europe' started by Mike L, Dec 18, 2011.

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    Some fascinating photos including a rare one of Hitler wearing glasses. It was a pity the US top brass didn't listen to what Montgomery's intelligence boys were warning them of as this battle shouldn't have taken the US by suprise.
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    Do you have any info on Monty's Intel Phil?
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    Monty's views about advancing on a broad front rather than a narrow thrust (which he wanted and wanted to lead) laying the Allies open to counter attack at the line's weak points are well documented in his letters to Eisenhower, and have often been repeated in interviews by Major Carol Mather who served on Monty's staff. The British 21st Army Group (which was to the north of what became the bulge) reported to SHAEF on three German units being withdrawn from Holland thus increasing the likelihood of a counter attack in the US sector of the line. Most top US generals felt at the time the Germans didn't have the equipment or the will to mount such an attack. Bradley is well documented expressing such a view. I believe Bradley was with Eisenhower when news of the attack came through to Shaef and his first words are not publishable!
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    Great pictures, Mike. They're all new to me except the POW burial group. Really like the one of the 76mm Sherman with the travel lock.

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    Thank you for the link, it contains very good photographs.

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    The .50 cal setup for anti-aircraft defence is a good one.

    Steve W.
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    Passable T-55 Panther replica.

    Lots of bad stuff in those photos, as per usual sadly.
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