Battle of Lingevres June 1944

Discussion in 'NW Europe' started by Owen, Jun 7, 2006.

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    Excellent site. That's going to to take more than a few minutes to peruse properly. Nice to see the ground troops in one 'small' action being covered in the sort of intricate detail that's (understandably) usually only found in Air & Naval coverage.
    Listening now to one of the personal accounts, Great Stuff.
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    Bookmarked it. About time the British started getting credit for their heroism in Normandy.
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    A while back I read in the local press that a group known as Monty's men returned to Normandy in 2004 with a full strength Platoon plus HQ Company Durham Light Infantry to commemorate the attack by the 9th Battalion DLI on the village of Lingevres near Tilly-sur-Seulles they were reported to have worn the correct uniforms carried the right equipment and weapons and followed the correct route from the beaches.At long last I have found a site which documented their journey in pictures take a look
    Army Film & Photograhic Unit: Normandy 2004
    Yes its re-enactment but if you came across these photographs without the description would you have known?

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    Good find there, Jim.

    I liked this one:

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    That site is fantastic and the pictures are very realistic. Its what a lot of re-enactors strive for.
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    Whilst looking into the action at Fort Capuzzo on 14th June 1940 I see the officer in command of the carrier platoon there later became CO of 9 DLI & was killed by a Moaning minnie exactly 4 years later at Lingevres.
    Lt-Col HR Woods.

    Quote from website inpost #1.
    67184 Lieutenant Colonel Humphrey Reginald Woods, D.S.O, M.C & Bar.
    Sgt.Charles Eagles, who was feet away from him when he was wounded by mortar fire,
    remembers his last words being, "surely they haven't hit me?"
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    it's not re-enactment, it's commemoration
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    The Church of Lingèvres and the monument of the 50th DI :poppy:



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    Thanks Kyle , i visit Lingevres / Verriers Guiding Tours on quite a few occasions each year , i was there last week and am back again this coming weekend , it is one of the most iconic locations for the DLI in Normandy .
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    Does anyone know who the author was of this site ?

    Photo at the DLI Mmeorial in Lingevres

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    Jim (Verrieres) does . If you are referring to the

    The pair have spoken previously about it,the owner was locked out and eventually with no access was allowed to pass . I think the owner was a good friend of Lieutenant `Darkie` Williams 9th DLI (also friend of the late Chas Eagles ) `Darkie` served in the ranks pre war with 1st DLI I think.

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    Okay thanks , yes Darkie started as a Boy in 1 DLI then went back to 1 DLI after the war , sadly as you know we lost Charles earlier this year , i only know one veteran from the DLI that survives now who fought at Lingevres/ Verrieres .
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