Battle of Königsberg 1945

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    Just reading abit about this in my book on the French Normandie-Niemen squadrons.

    Can't believe I don't know anything about such a huge battle.

    I understand intial Soviet reports mentioned 20 000 German POWs, in fact there were 92 000 +.
    42 000 German soldiers died there as well as 45 000 + Soviet dead.

    Been looking at this on wiki.

    Battle of Königsberg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Is there a decent book on it?
    Is this any good?

    Anyone been there on a battlefield tour.

    I did a forum search & couldn't find anything.

    As I say, a massive battle & I don't know a thing about it.
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    The subject is dealt with in "Red Storm on the Reich" by Christopher Duffy although not in great detail.
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    Here is a link to photos of the city in Kalinigrad/Konigsberg in 2000.
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    Königsberg? A place of immense suffering, no wonder the Russians still want to stick to it today, even if it is an isolated and economically unviable place stuck on the Baltic, separated from Russia proper by Latvia and Lithuania, or Belorussia.
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