Battle of Europe

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    Battle of Europe is a fully 3D arcade action game. Taking place in the skies over Europe, players are taken through breathtaking terrain modeled for London, Norway, Dunkirk and Berlin. A full hanger of fighters and bombers completely submerse the player in the reality of the World War II flying aces; risking their lives daily in countless dog fights, and returning home in a smoking plane littered with bullet holes ...if at all.

    Whether the sortie puts the player in the seat of a traditional British Spitfire, or behind the throttle of a captured German prototype, the honor of the RAF must be maintained at all costs in order to keep the Axis forces at bay!

    • 16 historically based missions, including tutorial and bonus missions.
    • 180 models including planes, bases, ships, vehicles and more.
    • Difficulty levels ranging from easy to hard.
    • System of bonuses.
    • 3D graphics with realistic special effects.
    • Varying weather and daytime conditions.
    • Dazzling visual effects.
    • 8 camera modes, which allow you to survey the entire battlefield.
    • Multiple camera effects including camera emulation and trembling.
    • Auto targeting.
    • Intuitive interface with easy-to-change game controls.
    • Keyboard, mouse, and joystick support.
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    Staff Sgt. I am curious what you think of Apocalypse Now and Platoon. Did these directors get anything right?Perhaps just the camardery of the men?

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