Battle Of Britain Mystery, Any validity?

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    Isnt that the domain of Air Transport Auxiliary

    Air Transport Auxiliary - Wikipedia
    By 1 May 1940 the ATA had taken over transporting all military aircraft from factories to maintenance units to have guns and accessories installed. On 1 August 1941 the ATA took over all ferrying jobs.

    I find it difficult to see why in the early 1940's a 40 year old railway clerk would be used to fly aircraft on non operational sorties when you have all those ATA ladies.

    I have nothing against Railway Clerks but they were often a reserved occupation [as my grandfather was in WW1] to ensure the smooth running of the trains

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    The ATA had both men and women, it is a common misconception that women only were employed. At 40 yrs old maybe he failed the military medical but if he had a pilots licence then was suitably employed
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    In my post I said he could have been ATA and in your link it states 1943 women received the same pay as their male co-workers
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    This was the official figures and men greatly outnumber the ladies but since 1990 you only hear about the ATA ladies

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    States Battle of Britain flying when pilot numbers were down and flying over Germany
    Without further info this is all guesswork on something that actually happened or a complete family urban myth.

    So further in put required from family to get it back on track
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