BAOR Battlefield Tour notes: Operation Bluecoat, 30-31 July 1944

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    No. 12 - A German wooden dummy of a Tiger, found near ST. MARTIN DES BESACES during Operation Bluecoat.

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    Air Photograph (1) (Northern half of battle area)

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    Air Photograph (2) (Southern half of battle area)

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    P2720809.jpg P2720811.jpg P2720810.jpg
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    Where have all of Diane's (DBF) images gone? :(
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    Probably caught out by greedy lying photo hosting firms who promise one thing and then when they have you hooked change their conditions and you are told pay up or else. Lots choose 'or else'!
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    Thanks Andreas, I've downloaded it
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    Much appreciated
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    Many thanks Brian
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    Thank you.
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    Images now restored, hopefully in the correct order.
    Links in post 2's Index are still broken though.
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