Bailey Bridging in Normandy - Assistance required identifying a map

Discussion in 'NW Europe' started by Old Git, Feb 7, 2019.

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    Dear All,

    I have in front of me a Map entitled "Map XI Bridges over the Caen Canal & R. Orne", it's a basic map of the two waterways, mostly in black and white, but the waterways are marked in blue. It shows Caen on the left and Ouistreham on the right. The map shows the location of all the Bailey built across these waterways: Tower 1; Tower 2; York 1; York 2; London 1; London 2; Tay 1 and Tay 2. (all marked in Green)

    Beneath the map there are little Box diagrams showing the basics of each bridge, lengths of each segment, who built it and time take to build it. A most informative wee map altogether.

    Now I have this map as a print out and as a password-secured PDF. The trouble is, that I'm pretty sure it was me who scanned it, PDF'd it and password protected it. But I can't remember the password and, more to the point, I can't remember which book I scanned it from. It's clearly a fold out map from a book (I can still see the folds) and it was yellowing when I scanned it, so I'm pretty sure it's a Unit Memoir or something like that.

    I've had a spin through the most likely candidates, RE Corp History Volumes, RE Battlefiled Tours; etc. etc. but I cannot for the life of me remember where I got this. Can anyone help in identifying the original publication and save an old man from pulling out the last few remaining hairs on his head?

    Just did a screen grab of the map, see below, not the best quality but hoping someone will recognise it

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    There's a website I've used before for removing passwords from PDFs called if that helps any.

    EDIT: Think it only allows a limited number of uses though
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    Have you had access to the RE Battlefield Tour?

    Edit: Bugger! Missed the reference...
  4. I've reached my Gallery quota limit and therefore cannot post the original pic (7 MB), so here is a lightened (and whitened :D) version:
    Map XI - Bridges over Caen Canal & R.Orne - B&W - lite.jpg
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    Found it!! Being a bit of an idiot on this end. It was, after all, in the RE Battlefield Tours. I have reprints of all three of these RE tours and original copies of the Battlefield Tours II (which comes in 2 vols). Without slowing down to think I checked the 2 vols of Tour II and forgetting that there was a third vol (which, on its own, constitutes Tour I). If I hadn't been so fixated on the idea of "2 tours so therefore 2 volumes" I would have remembered that it was 2 tours across 3 volumes.

    I was sure that it was in the Battlefield Tour but when it didn't come up right away I began to doubt myself and check everything else!

    As mother used to say, "Less haste. more speed!"
  6. Old Git

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    thanks for the link to the PDF site, might make use of that


    thanks for the copy, I have located my own now so can at last provide the reference to it in the piece I'm currently writing!

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