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    I have a Dutch friend who used to be involved with the museum in Oosterbeek as a boy. He met lots of veterans who would give him various bits of militaria - mainly badges and medals. I've identified a few things for him, but others have got me stumped.

    Can anyone identify the blue badge with the stars? And does anyone recognise the medal ribbons and rifle badge? I have a bit of knowledge of medals and they are not British. Neither do I believe they are American as I have a Military Medals of the US book and cannot find those coloured ribbons. Also, the stars on US medals are 5 pointed. Are they Dutch maybe?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    IMG_0378.JPG IMG_0376.JPG
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    The top shield has to be a prototype for the European Union's 'Star-Spangled Arsehole' flag.
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    Many thanks for the info on the medals - I think you are spot on.
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    The badge above the medal ribbons is a US Army Combat Infantryman Badge (2nd Award) for any soldier that saw action in the Korean War.
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    Thanks for the info, Guy.

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