B17 G part found. But Modell F on part.

Discussion in 'The War In The Air' started by Fozzy, May 6, 2019.

  1. Fozzy

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    I found this nameplate of part with Modell F, but the crash is a B17G; 42-31159 or 42-97140. I forget which place. So parts of F are also in G Models? IMG_2415.JPG
    Is it possible to find out which is right? Nameplate from 42-31159 or 42-97140
    Or both B17 at same production place? Briggs Manufacturing...
    And where was the plate fixed? Wing, fuselage, etc. BDV - 75 - 4799 - 601

    Thanks for helping.

    Regards Fozzy
  2. CL1

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  3. Fozzy

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    At the crash site. But I don´t remeber if it was at Heubach(42-97140) or at Niedereschach(42-31159).
    So where was 42-31159 manufactured?
  4. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

  5. Harry Ree

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    Large scale production of the B17 started with the B17F.

    It could be that certain spares were interchangeable.The spare shown could have been changed at operational squadron level.
  6. Dave55

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    Isn't a G essentially just a B-17F with a chin turret?
  7. Harry Ree

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    A question of continuous development to the G.Of the 12777 B17s taken on charge by the USAAF,over 6680 were B17 Gs

    From early ETO experience which determined the B17 E design,Boeings added a twin gun power operated chin turret under the nose for defence against frontal attacks for the G model

    Same engines as the F but the performance was changed to optimise the range from 2420 to 3750 miles at the expense of speed from 325 to 302 mph at 25000 feet and service ceiling reduced from 38500 ft to 35600 ft.

    Slight improvement on gunnery from 8/11 to 11/13 x .5 inch armament as noted.
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