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    My daughter-in-laws late father, Edwin Perren, of the 1st Northamptonshire Regiment, was wounded in action in Burma on 27th June 1944. His records give no details regarding the actual conflict resulting in his wounding. After various spells of hospitalisation in India he was discharged to B.E.S.C. Secunderabad. What was the B.E.S.C? Does anyone have any information on this. Thanks.
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    Hi hangman,

    I can't tell you what BESC stands for I'm afraid. However, my grandfather's unit, the 13th Battalion, the King's Regiment took up residence at the Gough Barracks, Secunderabad Cantonment in January 1942. At the time this was your typical Army barracks.

    Some of his comrades were taken prisoner during the first Chindit expedition of 1943 and after their liberation from Rangoon Jail in May 1945, they returned to the same barracks, only to find it had been converted into a Hospital complex for recovering casualties and former POW's. I'm guessing it was used to house soldiers who needed further recovery time, but who were no longer in need of ongoing medical treatments or care. I hope this assist you in some small way.
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    Hi Hangman
    I can help you with the goings on when Edwin Perren was wounded on 27th June 1944. He was probably on the Silchar Track near Bishnapur but I have the War Diaries and a couple of accounts . I also visited it a couple of years ago. If you PM your phone number I will give you a call. It was part of the fighting in the defence of Imphal.

    My interest is that my father-in-law was with the 1st Northamptons as well and was wounded on the Silchar Track in April. He passed through a succession of hospitals and mentioned being in a hospital in Secunderabad. He was shipped back to the UK at the end of 1944 and took no further part due to his injuries. However I am not sure what the 'BESC' stands for.
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    No knowledge on the subject but in light of Bamboo’s post above BESC may mean British European (or Empire) Soldiers Convalescent (Depot)?

    Steve Y
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    Thanks Steve - Apparently, it is the British Employment Selection Centre, Secunderabad.
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    Where did you find the answer Hangman? I have details on the medical units that were in the Imphal area at the time of that is any use and you know which ones he was in.
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