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    I am writing a fictional novel involving communication in 1942 between a USAAF B-25 and a Navy blimp that has spotted a U-Boat several miles off the FL coast. I presume the blimp would first communicate with its naval shore base (Morse code or phone?) then establish communication with the B-25 crew responding to the alert (phone?). I know there were communication difficulties between USAAF and USN. I believe they used separate radio frequencies, but had a common channel as well.

    I would appreciate any comments and/or corrections regarding my current sketchy understanding.
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    Looking at a typical B-25 radio fit here, http://www.zenoswarbirdvideos.com/B-25_Neat_Stuff.html then download the PDF for the radio space.

    I'd agree that they would use radio-telephone or radio-telegraph depending on the relative locations of the stations. When the blimp and bomber were within say 25 miles of each other, they would most likely use voice, anything further than that Morse, although air to air the ranges may be greater.

    The B-25 radio room shown has a BC-375 transmitter and a BC-348 receiver, you can find a lot of further info on the aircraft's radio capabilities by Googling those.

    Did the blimps not carry armament? Also, I recall Ernest Hemingway mentioning a U-Boat downing a blimp in his fictional account of the war in that area, "Islands In The Stream". As the book was based on his experiences U-Boat hunting he may have recalled a real event like you're describing.

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