B-17 crash today in Connecticut

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    Sorry, Dave. Started to post elsewhere before realising you had.
    It is 909.
    News of hospitalisations, so some hope for Crew & passengers, though the distant crash pictures look very bad.

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  4. Chris C

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    Oh no :(
  5. TriciaF

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    A tragic event.
    Condolences to families of those who lost their lives.
    One of my Aunts emigrated to Hartford Conn. in her 20s. She would have been devastated, as others will be.
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    Bradley is my airport of choice. I live in Connecticut. Nearby to Bradley is the New England Air Museum, which contains a B-29 bomber. I took my grandkids there last summer. My son-in-law flew out of there to Colorado this past weekend.

    New England Air Museum

    I took this pic during my visit last summer.
  7. Dave55

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