Award Military Medal L/Cpl. J. Hannah, 3rd Bn K.O.S.B. Escaped POW CAMP 102 (Aquila) Italy

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    Award L/Cpl. J. Hannah, 3rd S.S. Bn K.O.S.B. (3190809) Escaped POW CAMP 102 (Aquila) Italy

    (1) After the Armistice with ITALY had been signed, the Italian Commandant opened the gates of the camp and marched the P/W out into the hills, as it was reported that Germans were approaching. A certain number of escapers were rounded up by German paratroops and taken back to camp, but the majority got safely away.

    (2) I recommend the following other ranks for the awards shown, brief particulars being given in the enclosures stated opposite their names.

    WO 373/95/132

    MIA 20th April 1941 Cyrenaica

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    Interesting Battalion title on the casualty list -

    3rd S.S. Bn K.O.S.B.

    I’m assuming S S is Special Service? Wonder if it was a (composite) early Commando type unit? I can’t see any mention of 3rd KOSB in WW2 on the internet.

    Andreas - do you have any knowledge of this unit serving in North Africa ?

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    Further research leads me to believe that the unit designation should have been solely -

    3rd Special Service Battalion

    Independent Companies and Special Service Battalions | ͏

    It was created in October 1940 from the amalgamated 4th & 7th Independent Companies - albeit the link suggests they were disbanded by February 1941 and reverted to the Commando designation (Guards Commando & M E Commando in North Africa).

    The casualty list description of 3rd S S KOSB was perhaps used to reflect the mens parent regiment.

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    I have seen something similar with Commando troops - two KSLI men who escaped to Switzerland were described firstly by their regiment and then as no.1 Commando.
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    I suspect captured at Lower Sollum in another one of Laycock's mad schemes.

    Here's a VERY friendly write-up:

    Commando Raid - Bardia, North Africa, 19/20 April 1941

    The idea that a whole Brigade was diverted is just fanciful:

    All the best

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