Award MiD Capt. M.F. Gilbert, 12 Royal Horse Artillery Escaper

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    (1) After the Armistice with Italy, the Italian Commandante of the camp handed over to the Senior British Officer, who organised P/W into companies and ordered them to be ready to march out at five minutes' notice on the sounding of the alarm by the camp bugler.
    The alarm was sounded at 1300 hours on 9 Sep 43 and everything went according to plan.

    (2) I recommend the following for the awards shown, brief particulars being given in the enclosures stated opposite their names:-

    (a) Recommended for "Mentions"
    Capt. M.F. GILBERT (102700) 12 Royal Horse Artillery

    Lieut. J.A. KEMPTON (126617) 7 Bn, R.T.R. 7 Armoured Division

    Major L.C. YOUNG (42359) 2nd Bn, Bedfords & Hertfordshires 4 Div

    25 Apr 44
    WO 373/95/243

    The Lieutenant referred to is Tony Davies mentioned in Gilbert's son's article. Michael Gilbert was an author and wrote Death in Captivity, it was dramatised by Bryan Forbes as Danger Within starring Richard Todd. You can see from just this minor citation what the influence was for his book.

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