Award MBE Assistant Superintendent J.M. Flanagan, Palestine Police - Syria 1941

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    Award MBE Assistant Superintendent John Martin Flanagan, Palestine Police - Syria

    WO 373/78/85
    British Palestine Police Home Page.
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    He was first commissioned, as an Acting Inspector, into the Palestine Police on 11/9/1929. From:"John+Martin+Flanagan"+++"Police"&pg=PA489&printsec=frontcover

    In 1936 he was an Inspector and gets a mention for handling disorder in The Palestine Police Annual Report. See:

    In a 1942 House of Lords debate, a Lord Wedgwood stated:
    From: PALESTINE POLICE. (Hansard, 15 December 1942)

    It appears he was a former member of the Black and Tan / Auxiliaries in Ireland. The article cites the 1942 speech, which does not say this. From:’s-use-of-torture-in-Mandatory-Palestine.pdf

    There is a mention (no search facility) in an academic article: 'Sure it's only a Holiday': The Irish Contingent of the British (Palestine) Gendarmerie, 1922-1926

    This entry refers to him being awarded the King's Police and Fire Services Medal for Distinguished Service , in June 1946: and

    In October 1946 he was shown on a list in a policing journal as being promoted to Superintendent. From: The Colonial Police, The Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles | DeepDyve


    Link: British Use Planes and Artillery against Jews Attacking Jaffa, NY Herald Tribune, Apr. 29, 1948.

    It appears he lived till at least 1955, the "trail goes cold" about his post-Palestine life.

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