Award Major. W.R. Henderson, RAMC OBE POW

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    Major Henderson, O.B.E., M.B., F.R.C.S. was captured at Krombeke, Belgium on 30th May 1940

    LG 2nd April 1940
    LG 18th December 1945
    LG 11th May 1948

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    One wonders what happened to after 1945. Were his best years as a surgeon to come?
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    I haven't seen this reported elsewhere, but it should be noted that Major Henderson was Chief British Physician at Stalag XXI-A Schildberg, Wartheland (the town is now called Ostrzeszow in Poland) from at least March 1942 through February 1943, after which he was transferred to Obermassfeld. This is according to Red Cross inspection reports for that period. He may well have been among the "repatriables" who arrived at Stalag XXI-A in December '41 (Christmas Eve, in fact), after spending several weeks at Rouen waiting for a prisoner exchange that never happened. There was a Reserve-Lazaret (military hospital) in Schildberg operating alongside the Stalag.
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    Major Henderson is listed here amongst other fellow "code writers".

    So much more than a surgeon.

    Stalag IXC

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