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    These are some autographs/ signatures my nan collected during the war - I'm not sure of some of the names others you might recognise. She got these whilst her dad was stationed at government house in Upton by Chester 20200325_142405.jpg 20200325_142312.jpg
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    Brilliant little collection.

    1. Major General A. I Macdougall: Private Papers of Major General A I MacDougall CBE DSO MC
    2. Miles Dempsey: Miles Dempsey - Wikipedia
    3. Percy James Grigg: James Grigg - Wikipedia
    4. Brian Horrocks: Brian Horrocks - Wikipedia
    5. Monty: Bernard Montgomery - Wikipedia
    6. Richard O' Connor: Richard O'Connor - Wikipedia

    7. Duplicate of 5.
    8. [Unknown] - Is there more to see?
    9. James Marshall-Cornwall: James Marshall-Cornwall - Wikipedia
    10 (with 9.) 'Spencer Ford' [Unknown]
    11. Duplicate of 4.
    12. David Maxwell Fyfe: David Maxwell Fyfe, 1st Earl of Kilmuir - Wikipedia
    13. 'Ronald Digby' [Unknown] - Is there more to see?
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    Thankyou my nan had told me most of names some easy to see. Number 8 is General E Osbourne 1st and 2nd WW
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    That's who my great grandfather was assigned to WW1 lived in Scotland when my nan was young - he passed my GGF over to another officer when he was assigned overseas ( because GGF had young family etc)
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    That last card. I'm pretty sure the top name (separate from the bottom one) is:

    Lt-Gen Sir Edmund Charles Acton Schreiber, KCB, DSO, KStJ, DL

    Edmond Schreiber - Wikipedia
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    First off, a big thank you to Paul Nield for starting this thread. It's solved a quandary for me, in relation to what follows, as what the heck to call a thread to include this (I'd toyed with the title "My Lords, Ladies, and Gentlemen", but many, whilst always striving to behave as gentlemen, would never describe themselves as such!)

    Many will know of this book, but they will not have seen this book.

    So, thanks to Paul Nield.

    And Charley Fortnum, some names that I hope you will like getting your teeth into.

    But perhaps most of all for dbf, the autograph of an erstwhile Irish Guardsman (who, whilst many had to be asked to sign, was always ready with pen in hand, even before the book had even come out of a pocket. He liked to sign (and always would though there be years between), and he was a Gentleman)
    Thanks to you for this thread;
    2720171 J VAN DE GEVEL, MiD, Irish Guards

    All autographs obtained at meetings, reunions, commemorations, get-togethers, form near and far. From the fifties to the nineties. Black box-outs are/were 21 and 22 SAS guys, autographs blacked out for personal reasons, and out of deference (and any questions will be wasted as I will not be answering any on the matter).

    One signature here causes me great heartache as to the nature of their final years. And on that I would advise should any of you ever, ever, be in need of help, but would never ask, and help is subsequently offered aplenty from any and all quarters, please try and accept it, for it is no act of charity, or meant to demean, but an offer made out of respect, to help in a time of need.

    And yes folks, they are signed by who you think they are.

    They were all good men (and some good women too).

    Kind regards, and wishing all who contribute here good health, good luck, and good life, always,



    COL PADDY A.jpg

    COL PADDY B.jpg

    COL PADDY C.jpg

    COL PADDY D.jpg

    COL PADDY E.jpg

    COL PADDY F.jpg

    COL PADDY G.jpg

    COL PADDY H.jpg

    COL PADDY J.jpg

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    I have no expertise in the affairs of Special Forces, but some of those names are famous enough that even I know them.

    I don't think I've ever seen such a prolifically signed book!

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    I think it was Schreiber when signing for my nan looked through the book and asked how she got Osbourne's. She told him and that my GGF had pics of the 3 of them on a hunt. I will try get more details ( will be couple of weeks due to current situation). She also said she had see Patton at government house but not to get signature
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