Autocar Trailer Truck (Ron Goldsteins ride?)

Discussion in 'Trux Discussion Area' started by Dave55, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. Dave55

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    This might be like the truck that picked up Ron Goldstein in the desert in Egypt

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  2. Ron Goldstein

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    If, as I suspect, you are referring to the following tale then it might very well have been the same lorry but definitely not the same type of trailer as I could never have been able clamber up the sides :)

    Thanks for the thought though, 72 years later it still remains one of my happiest memories of those eventful days.


    In July 1944 my regiment (the 49th Light Ack Ack Regt) was in Egypt for re-training and re-equipping.

    I had a week's leave in Cairo and decided to try and visit my brother in law, who was then in the RASC and stationed not far from Cairo.

    I had found out where his company was supposed to be and thumbed a lift to his unit. S***s law innevitably applied and, to my disgust, when I arrived at his depot, he was away on leave in Palestine.

    I immediately tried to get a lift back to Cairo but nothing was going returning that way until later that afternoon. I hung around, got the promised lift but the truck dropped me off at a x-roads with the assurance that 'lots of trucks come this way and you won't have any problems"
    The short story is that there I was, stuck at this x-road, in the middle of the desert, with nothing to keep me company but first one arab gentleman, then two and finally at least half a dozen.

    They all eyed me speculatively, I was on my own, I didn't appear to be armed or even capable of defending myself and it was getting darker by the minute.

    I had given up all hope of survival when out of nowhere a huge lorry and trailer pulled up at my side and the driver,a coloured Yankee serviceman called out 'Where you going to Sunshine?'

    I could have kissed him !

    His load of peanuts provided a bed for me all the way back to Cairo where I offered to buy him a bottle of scotch for his trouble.

    He laughed at me, said 'Be seeing you kid' and roared away into the night.

    If it's not too late, and if this same US driver is still around, may I offer him a humble "Thank-you!" for saving my life.


  3. von Poop

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    Not seen enough artic/semi survivors over the years.
    One came to Beltring a long time back in pre-restoration order but not spotted it since.
    Too useful I suppose. Worn out in postwar service with the trailers not having the durability that meant so many wreckers got preserved as working vehicles.
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