Australians in 7th Armd Div in Italy - Sep 43

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    I've just stumbled across a reference to the fact that a number of Australian officers were attached to units of 7th Armoured Division during the division's commitment to the invasion of Italy in Sep/Oct 1943. Does anyone know any more about this? Numbers and units to which attached for example?

    The officer in question was Major John Foreman who was attached to 4th Field Squadron RE from 2/13 Field Company RAE and he was awarded an MC for his part in the fighting (awarded 23 Mar 44).

    | The Australian War Memorial


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    Here is a copy of the MC recommendation:
    Foreman MC_001.gif Foreman MC_002.gif

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    Thanks, I'll see if I can pick up the war diary for that RE Field Sqn next time I'm at Kew.


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