Australian students prank US carrier

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    I bet this ended the captain's career

    Incident in Sydney

    On 7 May 1957, while docked in Sydney for Coral Sea Day celebrations, ten University of Sydney students dressed as pirates boarded the aircraft carrier in the early morning hours undetected. While some began soliciting donations from the Navy crew for a local charity, others entered the bridge. The public address system was turned on. "Now hear this!" announced Paul Lennon, a medical student. "The U.S.S. Bennington has been captured by Sydney University pirates!"[5][6] Alarms for general quarters, atomic and chemical attacks were sounded, rousing the crew from their bunks.[7] Marines escorted the students off the ship. No charges were filed.[8

    USS Bennington (CV-20) - Wikipedia
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    No doubt.
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    Love it. A story from a simpler time.
    A brilliant prank conducted without malice. The only harm being to the Captain's reputation.
    I suspect that any student attempting that today would be placing themselves in very a dangerous situation.
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