Australian Army war diaries

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    The AWM looks to be in the process of digitising War diaries into pdf form.
    Australian Army war Diaries,

    The HQ section seems to be one of the most advanced so far:
    Australian Army war Diaries - HQ units,
    Including links to diaries for the following headings:

    Headquarters Units
    Advance Headquarters, AMF
    Divisions and Forces
    Military Districts, Commands and Lines of Communication Areas
    Base and Lines of Communication Areas (sub)
    Area Command
    Administration Headquarters
    East and Middle East Units
    UK Units
    Air Liaison

    Each subcategory having links to a wide variety of other units, many including complete diaries

    The Infantry section is filling up too, though perhaps each should have it's own separate thread/link. Rather a lot as the Brigades/Battalions list looks to be complete?


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