Aussie 2RAR Soldier Corporal Barry Seeley MiD 1971 (& his WW2 Canadian Soldier father)

Discussion in 'Vietnam' started by DaveB, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. DaveB

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    A lot going on in this story in the local paper.

    Barry Seeley was born in the UK in 1943 and moved to Australia when he was 17 and ended up joining the Army and served in Vietnam picking up a few awards.

    When he left the army he worked as the Chief of Security at the State Executive Building in Brisbane and recently retired at the age of 70 after 29 years in that job.

    There is a small sub-story on his mother informing him some years ago that his biological father was a Canadian soldier that she had had a fling with during the war.

    That soldier was

    Name: Suchard, Arthur Jerome

    Rank: Sergeant

    Regimental or Service Number: B67045

    Medal/Honour/Award: Croix De Guerre Avec Palme De Bronze

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  2. dryan67

    dryan67 Senior Member

    Great story and admirable person.
  3. DaveB

    DaveB Very Senior Member

    Just looked him up on the Vietnam nominal roll - Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans

    It shows him as being born in Ipswich, Queensland - another email to the administrators is being sent.

    (The agencies that run these sorts of sites actually like getting corrective emails - their theory is that it is no use running the service if incorrect details stop people from finding the info they want)
  4. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Another interesting story Dave.
    It seems there were more Brits in Vietnam than I first thought.
    Interesting to read about his biological Dad being involved in the Dieppe raid too.
  5. DaveB

    DaveB Very Senior Member

    "The Vietnam nominal roll shows him as being born in Ipswich, Queensland - another email to the administrators is being sent."

    Interesting response from the Research Support Officer Nominal Rolls at DVA -

    Thanks for the below, Mr Seeley has already been in contact with us regarding the wrong Place of Birth. I am still waiting on him providing some back up documents before I can make the change.

    If and when that happens I will let you know.

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