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    I can't find any info on these being used by the military during the war. This 1939 survived. Just a great looking truck.


    Having obtained production equipment bought from the American company Graham Page in 1937, the company started production of a large vehicle - the "NISSAN". The powerful 3,670cc, 85PS, 6-cylinder engine and Japan's first semi-cabover design together made this a popular vehicle. This particular vehicle was used by the Mitsukoshi department store through the war years, from 1939 till 1965, to make deliveries.

    Nissan | Heritage Collection | NISSAN Van
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    Hadn't seen that article. Thanks. I assumed they were using a Chevy based OHV 6 like their cars did but I see a flathead 6 in the article.
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    I see Graham Page was associated with Dodge for a while. Might be Dodge flathead tooling.


    Chrysler flathead engine - Wikipedia
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