Attached 195th parachute field ambulance 1947, service record information

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    It might’ve saved members duplication of effort if OP had posted a link to her original topic -

    ☆rasc service record help

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    Any information would help 6th airbourn
    Thank you guys.its all about confusing for me glad you have helped
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    Theres alot of information I'm struggling with and dont understand it's not intentional
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    Transcribed this for you, hope I've read it correctly and it helps:

    716 Company Taken off Strength from 51 Company 28/12/46

    195 Para Field Ambulance Failing to maintain WD vehicle thereby causing damage in excess of £4. 1/2/47
    Forfeits 14 days pay. To pay £4. 3/2/47

    1. Being improperly dressed
    2. Making improper remarks to his superior officer 19/2/47
    Forfeits 7 days pay 24/2/47

    Neglecting to safeguard his arms in a proper manner (wef =) with effect from 28/4/47
    Awarded - Forfeits 7 days pay with effect from 6/5/47

    156 TC (Transit Camp) [ITC? = Infantry Training Centre] Embarked for UK LIAP with effect from 20/5/47
    Disembarked ex LIAP with effect from 21/7/47
    195 Para Field Ambulance RTU ex LIAP with effect from 29/7/47


    Absent off parade with effect from 22/8/47
    14 days Confined to Barracks with effect from 23/8/47

    195 Field Ambulance Struck off Strength to XVIII A Release with effect from 12/12/47

    Medically examined prior to release and found fit for further service (Medical Category A1) M.E.F. (authority Army Form W 3449)

    156 TC (Transit Camp) [ITC? = Infantry Training Centre] Struck off Strength MELF on embarkation for UK (Release) with effect from 17/12/47
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    Your 156 ITC is more likely 156 TC (Transit Camp) in the context of his arrival and departures from Palestine.



    It was likely at Port Said, Egypt as mentioned in this website-

    Part Two 11 Marriage and the Scum of the World
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    Thank you for your time
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    This is brilliant thank you
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    Cheers Steve

    Have edited my post so I don't misdirect others either

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