ATS training: NCO, WOSB (OCTU)

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    Margaret E. Denys-Burton (1921-1955), was private in the ATS. Couple of interesting posting relating to courses (see below). As far as I can tell Margaret remained a private until she left the ATS in January 1946.

    Qs: Does anyone have any details of the courses listed below (ATS; NCOs & WOSB)? Perhaps the ATS took class photos and/or kept detailed records of the course attendees? If so, do they still exist?

    In Margaret's military records, I notice:

    "Attached to ATS NCOs School wef 30.8.43. Derby
    Attended 26th Course at ATS NCOs School wef 31.8.43 - 1.10.43. Result B- Derby"

    Also later, after a posting to ATS Signals School, in March 1945 she:

    "Attended No. 42 WOSB (OCTU) ATS on June 45 (poss. reads Jan 45?)"
    My understanding is that:
    WOSB = War Office Selection Board
    OCTU = Officer Cadet Training Unit
    Currently thinking the OCTU could be the officer training unit at Craigmillar, nr Edinburgh.

    BTW: I see from her records that she spent about 2 weeks in Craiglockhart Hospital in late May/early June 1945 and passed a trade test ATS signals school, Gp 'D' Class III SBO.


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