Assualt Pioneer Plt in Infantry support Coy.

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    I have used the search function and have been unable to find exactly what I am looking for.

    Does anyone have information or could point me in the right direction.

    Assualt Pioneer platoons in support Coy for infantry battalions.

    TO&E for 1944 France
    Duties and training

    Thank you in advance!
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    Does anyone know what this pole is the guy is wearing on his pack? Supposedly Pioneer from 15th Div during Epsom.

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    On here look for the Inf Bn in the Trux section.

    You might also try my own site, click on the link in the signature and follow the links to the British Inf Bn files.

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    I think the man on the left has the Webbing F section Aerial bag for the 38 set, some pics of them are included in this thread Wireless set N°38 MK2 - MLU FORUM
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    Here's the Trux page. It's all one lump so use your browser's text/page search on 'pioneer', no need for the 'assault'.

    Infantry Battalion
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    Thank you for that lead. From what I am gathering the pioneer had no direct "assualt" role in combat. From the make up of the plt it looks to be construction based personnel. Not comparable to "Assualt Sappers" or RE personnel assigned to assualt units. Am I understanding this correctly?


    You could be right. Makes sense on why it looks to be pointed at the top. Thank you.


    Thank you I found it with a bit of looking around. Very interesting, however it just leads me to more questions the further I dive into this. Again thank you for the link and I am sure it will help others when they look at this post.
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    The platoon was issued with assault equipment items, at least from mid-1943 onward, which did includes explosives and Bangalore torpedoes. The pioneers were infantrymen, trained in duties that would be familiar to RE personnel. Attached is an annex from "Infantry Notes" published by 21 Army Group in July 1945. It's essentially a post-war precis of the roles and duties of the Aslt Pio Pl, with references to the training literature (there's an abbreviated version in my stuff). Infantry Training Part VII was to cover the duties of the platoon, but it does not seem to have actually been published.

    It is quite a long and varied list and did include assault actions, principally with the explosives and Bangalores.


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    Ok that clears up a lot. So its role was more along the lines of my original understanding/thoughts.

    Thank you!

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