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    Trux lists a generic 'Armoured Recovery Vehicle Mk1' in squadron HQs. Sherman regiments would naturally have had the Sherman ARV, but would it have been a Centaur ARV in Cromwell and Comet regiments?
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    Details of the ARVs used are given in the Trux pages but they are to be found near the bottom of the relevant sections, 'Armoured Regiment' for Sherman or 'Reconnaissance' for Cromwell.

    The WD War Establishment Tables do not specify the type of vehicle but in general:
    Sherman units had Sherman ARV1.
    Cromwell units had mainly Centaur ARV with Cromwells arriving later.
    Comets are a grey area. To begin with they kept the Sherman ARV. I do not suppose there was time to change them before the end of the war.

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    Many thanks Mike.

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