Artur Brauner turns 100 tomorrow

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    Artur Brauner - Wikipedia

    born in Lodz,Poland as the son of a jewish timber merchant, became a pretty famous film producer in Berlin after the war.
    The way he avoided the holocaust is almost a story for another movie.

    he was hiding in Russia when eventually was chased by the Germans. There was one dagerous moment together with a german soldier, he was, trousers up, standing in the river Bug when he suddenly remembered a movie scene with G ary Cooper when Cooper was trapped by 3 bandits and asked to hand over the map of a gold mine. He refused. And when one of them threatend to shoot him, Cooper rammed his head into the bandit's stomach. So did Artur Brunner with that that soldier, and both fell into the river incl. the gun (like in the film). Then he ran away as fast as he could and avoided the Holocaust. 49 relatives, unfortunately did not!

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    More news of Artur Brauner.
    Yesterday, Artur received another reward. The Carl- Laemmle Price. Carl Laemmle immirated, in time to the US and became a well known Hollywood movie producer.
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    Bad news.
    yesterday, this brave man passed away
    RIP Artur Atze Brauner. :poppy:
    We will never forget you.
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    :poppy: RIP Artur Atze Brauner :poppy:

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    :poppy: RIP Artur Atze Brauner :poppy:
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    Carl Laemmle - IMDb

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