Arthur Lovell:The two minutes' silence ended in tragedy

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    Plaque in Towerhalets Town Hall,Bromley by Bow,London

    Daily Chronicle November 12th 1928:
    The two minutes' silence ended in tragedy yesterday in Burgess Street, Limehouse. A costermonger, standing by his barrow, saw a child in danger of being run over by a heavy lorry. He snatched it from certain death, and in doing so overbalanced and lost his own life.
    The man, Arthur Lovell, was one of the Old Contemptibles. He went out with the first divisions in 1914, and finished the war at Mons on Armistace Day. He was wounded twice, but was able to return to duty both times.

    In May 1929 a memorial Portrait was unveiled in the Bow & Bromley, Public Hall.


    text info from
    Arthur survives Great War—but dies on anniversary of Peace | Latest East London & Tower Hamlets News | East London Advertiser
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