Arnhem and the Heijbroek/Heybroek family

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    Whilst researching McLean a medic killed 20th October (thought to be drowned along with Lt Howard). I am led to believe they stopped with the Heijbroek family at Valkenburg House in Oosterbeek. They are both 10 Para.

    Are any of you Arnhem experts familiar with the names Heijbroek/Heybroek or can help shed any light on the story of McLean and Howard?

    I have the missing persons file for 10 Para and there is a few mentions but not really enough to go on.

    I found some files online relating to the Heijbroek family. They are in the Gelderland Archive and most probably in Dutch.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Nice one Cee!! Can't understand how google fsiled to bring up the first title... think that is exactly what I am looking for.

    Thanks again
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    Cheers Stamp I'll lookat that too...
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    Typical!!! Can't find a copy anywhere.

    Don't suppose any of you kind hearted Arnhem boys has a spare or can help...

    I'm looking for:

    "Three Englishmen in our Cellar"
    By Netje Carp-Heijbroek.
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    Bearing in mind this thread is three years old, not sure of the relevance. I have been sent an email by Bodine deWalle my cousin in Amsterdam today that greatly interested me.

    I have an original booklet 'Three Englishmen in our Cellar' by Netje Carp-Heijbroek who was my godmother.

    Lt John Howard mentioned above was my mother's first husband who died while escaping from the Arnhem perimeter across the Rhine following the battle. I would be very interested in information about Lt Howard (I am told he was promoted to Captain). I believe Howard served with Brig J.W. Hackett's 4 Para in the 10th Battalion under command of Lt Colonel KB Smyth. During the battle he was separated from his unit and took shelter at the Heijbroek residence, the Valkenburg in Oosterbeek, along with two medical orderlies (the three Englishmen). My family looked after the three 'Jans' (their nicknames). My aunt has identified them as Lt John Howard (Tall Jan) and Private R Pitcher and Private James O McLean of the Royal Army Medical Corps. While Howard and McLean were drowned, Pitcher was washed up on the bank of the Rhine and taken prisoner, thus surviving the war.

    I am researching a book about Lt Howard and would be very interested in hearing information about Pitcher and how he made his escape from de Valkenburg.
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    Hello mate thanks for the reply. Good luck with the book...

    I'm particularly interested in Mclean and would be grateful for a copy of the booklet "Three Englishmen in our Cellar." I did get one a while ago but it wasn't complete. I'd be grateful for any other info regarding them also...
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    Can I suggest you look out for Desert Rise Arnhem Descent - the story of the 10th Parachute Battalion.
    That carried details of the Three Jans and also has some details on Lt Howard.
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    Brilliant stuff mate... I'll get a copy

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    Hi James Ohara Mclean was my Father, I have some documents, including a letter left by Captain Howard asking the allied forces to 'look after' the family who had so bravely sheltered them. Pleas feel free to get in touch.
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    Hello and thanks for the reply...

    I would be very interested in any info you have. The only info I could offer in return is a few mentions in the 10th Battalion missing in action file which mentions his name but not much else....


  15. John Mclean

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    Hi Roody, the documents are in my attic I will dig them out get in touch, soon.
  16. roodymiller

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    Thanks a lot!!!

    My email is

    What' Your home addrss I'll send you a signed copy of my book

    13 lucky for some
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    Hi Roody,
    13 Lucky for some is one of the best books i have read! They certainly went through the mill, maybe even more so than Arnhem.

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  19. roodymiller

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    Thanks for the comments guys...

    Yes TD, I'm no author and the book contains many spelling and grammatical errors... the book is no masterpiece but simply tells the tale of the battalion through the veterans themselves.

    I'm in the process of correcting the errors and uploading...

    Thanks all
  20. roodymiller

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    In the first few pages I make no apologies for the errors... the book wasn't written to be an academic piece of work. Just an honest collection of 5 years hard work and research.

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